Good health is beauty

    January 2, 2020 by

    I’ve been seeing patients lately with asthmatic crisis and after taking my history, the trigger is mostly ‘dusty environment’. We can’t run away from this season but we can protect ourselves from it’s negative effect. The harmattan is a season in the west African subcontinent, which occurs between the end of November and the middle… Read more

  • My First Blog Post

    December 11, 2019 by

    Health is not valued till sickness comes — Thomas Fuller. MY HEALTH MY RESPONSIBILITY Health crisis in developing countries such as our country Nigeria and other African countries has been a great concern to WHO (World Health Organization). This is due to the reasonable fact that there’s low social economic status thereby, leading to poor… Read more

  • My Health in Isolation

    April 5, 2020 by

    I remember going for a radio pre-record presentation on the Topic “prevention care over curative care @ unilag FM. It was a beautiful time but I can’t forget the feeling I had that day. It was overwhelming. I saw fear in my listeners. I remember a lady saying “may God help us o..we should not… Read more


    February 14, 2020 by

    I remember attending SOZO training class organized by WELLNESS AFRICA FOUNDATION. It was indeed an experience I am so glad I didn’t miss it. In as much as it was my sweet uncle and his wife that were organizing it, I ensured I killed overfamiliarity so I can sit and learn. It took place in… Read more

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